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Göran Fröst

Having a career as a violist, with a position as principal violist in BBC National orchestra of Wales, as well as membership in Kammar­ensemblen, one of Scandinavia’s finest ensembles for contemporary music, Göran has started to turn his interest towards writing his own music. The collaboration with his brother Martin has proved to be a fruitful one with arrangements of Brahams Hungarian dances for Clarinet and Orchestra and the completion of Three Klezmer Dances, played and appreciated all over the world.


“From a single spark light is lit. In a single moment time begins. In a single breath freedom lives, air is bent, the note is sung, the movement starts. In one single thought your idea is born.“

DClipse was born out of an idea to create a fusion between music and movement on the scene for classical music. The music speaks of mans longing for freedom and simplicity. The setting “conducting clarinetist and orchestra” points in a new direction, introducing the new concept of ‘conducting choreography’. Within the piece there is a will to DFormalize the way of classical performance and DCrypt the code of a newborn form of making music on stage. One solo cello will begin it all on a D.

Göran Fröst